With great ease and knowledge, Alyssa Levitan is able to bring out the artist in both children and adults. My three children and I have been Alyssa’s students for almost a year and every class we are amazed at what we can accomplish in a very short period of time.

Alyssa Levitan has all the characteristics of a great art teacher: passion and knowledge, creativity and leadership, imagination and technique

Every class with Alyssa is a journey into art history, self-expression and discovery of one’s natural ability to create beauty

Alyssa brought very valuable lessons to the elementary schools – she incorporated art history, creativity and the opportunity to take risks into her lessons.
The students were able to explore new skills and new ideas and many first developed their passion for art in Alyssa’s classes.
She was always good at directing the students with some lesson instructions and new ideas presented at each class and then let the students follow their own ideas.

My son has participated in art classes with Alyssa both at school and through her after school program for over two years. I am continually impressed at the diversity of her curriculum and the quality of projects that my son brings home. Alyssa is a true artist and teacher who is passionate about her work. My energetic son always comes home from her class with a big smile and a piece of art that is more than refrigerator worthy!

Alyssa creates dynamite lessons that are leveled for all learners – if a
student struggles with auditory processing (following verbal directions),
she will write a step-by-step list, if a student struggles with fine motor
skills, she will use tools to help them, and if a student is afraid to
try, she will always coach them through the assignment, at their pace of
comfort. She always arrives prepared and happy to teach, no matter the
skill level of a learners. Her patience and kindness is admirable.

For the past few years, my children have benefited from having Alyssa
Levitan as their Spectra Art Teacher. I have worked in the classroom
over the past 5 years and assisted countless Spectra Art classes and
have seen many different art teachers at work. I am struck by
Alyssa’s unique style with children. She doesn’t speak down to
children and assumes every child is capable and creative.
Subsequently, every child believes him/herself to be an artist. That
is a rare skill that Alyssa has and a real gift she gives to each
student. She has a calm presence and teaches the kids how to be
comfortable making mistakes. When a child panics or feels they’ve
“made a mistake”, she coaches them on how to turn around their
“mistake” into something beautiful. It’s a great life lesson she is
giving each artist. I feel grateful that my own three kids have
Alyssa as their art teacher.

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